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Psychological profile of high risk dog owners

In his excellent article, author Dr. Stanley Coren, sums up findings from numerous studies about the personality type of people who choose to own aggressive and potentially dangerous dogs.

The findings confirmed that owners of “high risk” or dangerous dog breeds are:

  • significantly more likely to commit violent criminal behavior, compared to other large dog owners, small dog owners, and people who did not own dogs at all
  • more careless, selfish and have strong manipulative tendencies
  • engaged in more self-defeating behaviors than the low risk dog owners
  • much more accepting of the maltreatment or abuse of animals than was found for owners of low risk dog breeds

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As evidence, here is a current story involving an owner of high risk dogs:

This man had his unleashed pit bulls in an Atlanta park. The dogs aggressively approached two women (one pregnant) and their children, and the owner then told the kids to go away somewhere else because his pit bulls were there first. The women politely asked him to leash his dogs and take them away, and he flew into a rage. One woman began recording his verbal assault with her cell phone which he slapped out of her hands.