These three books are highly recommended for everyone who is planning to bring a nanny dog into their lives.

Stanley Coren’s Why We Love The Dogs We Do uses a personality test to determine the best canine matches for every human. He writes, “When a dog and its human fit each other well, the resulting bond can make both lives richer and more satisfying. The love for a well-chosen dog can transcend life itself.” You’ll find nanny dog breeds listed in his Friendly and Steady groups.


Top TV animal trainer, Joel Silverman’s book What Color Is Your Dog describes dogs in terms of temperament on a spectrum with fearful “Blue” dogs on one end and high-energy “Red” dogs on the other end, and the ideal nanny dog temperament in the center called “Mellow Yellow.” Silverman teaches you how to identify each color type of dog so you can pick the right one. If you already have a dog, you can determine it’s color temperament and use the training exercises prescribed to bring your dog closer to “Mellow Yellow”.


In How To Raise The Perfect Dog, Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier document the lives of five pups including Blizzard the Labrador retriever and Eliza the soft-coated wheaten terrier. This book covers it all, from how to interview prospective breeders, how to pick your pup, vet visits, early puppy training, and beyond! The important thing to know is that he evaluates dogs in terms of energy level, and the best human-canine matches must take energy level into serious consideration. A nanny dog will be a middle energy animal, but tending more to low energy, or “more whoa than go” using equine terminology.