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Chance is a Labrador retriever / pointer mix.

Chance is a Labrador retriever / pointer mix nanny dog.

“When my 3 children and I moved in with my parents Chance was already 7 years old. He was accustomed to living with adults and older teens his entire dog-hood. When we first walked through the door with a noisy 4 year old in tow he looked leery and much like an old man seemed to be grumbling in his seat, “Kids!”

However, with children comes scraps! He soon cheered up and greeted my 3 children at every mealtime. Most likely sucking up for a taste of baby food (blech!) or a spoonful of ravioli. But he doesn’t mind their presence, their loud noises or high pitched voices. He puts up with it all very well.

On many occasions he follows us upstairs, most especially during thunderstorms. He figures no amount of noise the kids make can be as annoying or scary as thunder booming.

Today I had to make my crying 10 month old a bottle. I placed the 10 month old, sitting upright, onto the floor and my 2 year old sat next to him. Who should decide to sit next to the 2 children? The serious pointer mix himslf, Chance. He allowed them to pull his ears, touch his face, and climb his back without so much as a nip.

And I was super surprised how he has adapted to the little ones in the house. He reminds me very much of the old man in the rocking chair. At first he grumbles and then his heart grows for the love of little ones. And that’s where Chance is now. He’ll never play frisbee or catch a ball, for he was born with a very mature soul and is quite serious, but he won’t mind if the kids test the way his ears fold and bend.

The little ones seem to keep him going and amused.”