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Celebrity criminal pit bull owners

As noted by Dr. Stanley Coren, based on numerous reputable studies on the topic, people who own “high risk” or dangerous dog breeds, notably the pit bull, are more likely to commit violent crimes than owners of non-risky breeds, like nanny dog breeds.

Just recently two such examples have emerged:


Paranoid millionaire McAfee between armed thugs

John McAfee – The founder of McAfee anti-virus software was arrested for unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon at his home in Belize in April 2012.

Within months of being released, he was then sought out as a “person of interest” in connection to the November 2012 murder of his neighbor, American expatriate Gregory Viant Faull.

Two of McAfee's pit bull dogs that had terrorized his neighbors

Two of McAfee’s pit bull dogs that had terrorized his neighbors

McAfee fled to Guatemala where he requested political asylum and was denied. While in custody he faked a heart attack to buy time for his attorney to file an appeal that ultimately blocked his deportation back to Belize where he is wanted for questioning in the Faull murder. He is now in Portland, Oregon.

McAfee’s neighbors in Belize had reported his vicious pit bull dogs to authorities, and after some of his dogs died, presumably due to poisoning, he blamed his now deceased neighbor Gregory Faull. A day after the two neighbors exchanged words about the pit bulls, Faull was found shot to death.

Dean Barrow, the prime minister of Belize has referred to McAfee as “extremely paranoid, even bonkers”.

In his own words, McAfee himself does not use McAfee anti-virus software stating, “It’s too annoying”. Nanny Dog recommends that PC users download the 100% free Microsoft Security Essentials program from Microsoft instead of contributing to criminal McAfee’s millions.

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Alleged murderer Oscar Pistorius and his pit bulls

Alleged murderer Oscar Pistorius and his pit bulls

Oscar Pistorius – South African double-amputee Olympic running star “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius was arrested for the Valentine’s Day 2013 shooting murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Neighbors reported they heard shouting before the gunshots. Pistorius does not deny shooting his girlfriend but claims he mistakenly thought it was an intruder using his bathroom.

Previously, in 2009, Pistorius had been charged with assault by South African police for slamming a door on a woman at his home.

Pistorius has been described as a reckless risk taker, citing a boat accident in 2009 which put him into hospital intensive care unit. Confirmed in a People magazine article, US journalist Michael Sokolove recalls that Pistorius had “a frenetic aspect about him” and enjoyed “driving fast fealessly, riding his dirt bike, driving his speedboat” and that he was involved in several “exotic” business ventures including race horses and white tigers.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Coren’s article on the personality characteristics of dangerous dog owners concludes that as a group they are more careless and more likely to engage in self-defeating behaviors than low risk dog owners.

And now Oscar’s brother, Carl Pistorius, is being charged with culpable homicide charge for a 2008 road rage death of a female motorcyclist.


O.J. Simpson owned an Akita named Kato

OJ Simpson owned an Akita named Kato

Former football player turned actor turned violent criminal O.J. Simpson owned another fighting dog breed, an Akita.


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