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Sam Simon Foundation – Service & Hearing Dog Programs

Sam Simon is a multi-millionaire Hollywood television writer, director and producer who has contributed significantly to enduring television favorites like Taxi, Cheers, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, The George Carlin Show, The Drew Carey Show, and most notable of all The Simpsons.

The 58-year-old vegan philanthropist was recently diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer and given a grim prognosis of three to six months. Sam responded by pledging to leave all his fortune to charity.

Animal causes are Sam’s greatest passions – he serves on PETA’s Executive Committee, and in 2011 launched his own Sam Simon Foundation.

The Sam Simon Foundation provides:


Sam Simon Foundation trains hearing dogs like this one.

Service dogs trained for veterans diagnosed with PTSD as a result of serving in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts, as well as trained dogs for assistance with hearing loss, TBI (traumatic brain injury), and moderate physical limitations due to injury. Sam Simon Foundation service dogs are trained to perform the following:

• Cover Me: Dogs are trained to move from a “left side position” to a “front side position” in order to create a spatial boundary between the veteran and public.

• Watch my back: Dogs are taught to turn, sit and face the opposing direction from the veteran, creating a sense of security and reducing stress.

• Balance: Where balance might be affected by medication used in treatment for PTSD and/or TBI, our dogs are taught to stand still in position when they feel a moderate weight applied to their shoulder and back. A veteran with balance challenges is taught how to use their dog properly to regain balance again.

Hearing dogs specially trained to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to common household sounds such as door knocks, telephones, and smoke alarms.

Typically dogs trained by the Sam Simon Foundation are rescued from the Ventura County Animal Services shelter. Dogs that don’t work out as service dogs, are adopted into loving families through the Foundation.

NannyDog.info offers our public THANK YOU! to big-hearted Sam Simon who is helping people and animals have better lives together. God Bless You Sam!!!

Hero Chihuahua finds missing girls in the woods

While we often refer to nanny dogs as heroic, hero dogs truly come in all sizes and packages!

“A 3-year-old chihuahua named Bell is an unexpected hero after finding three young girls who became lost for hours in the woods in Newnan, Georgia, on Monday.

CBS Atlanta reports that, on Monday, 8-year-old Carlie and 5-year-old Lacey Parga went for a walk with their dog Lucy down a cul-de-sac on trails near their neighborhood.

What started as a casual stroll became an unintended, and at times frightening, experience. As Carlie tells CBS, ‘”We tried to find our way out of the woods. We kept following paths and stuff and we got lost.” Indeed, they became scared that they were only to get more and more lost.

Carlie’s father, David Parga, noted that it wasn’t characteristic of them to wander off and, after searching for them but not hearing them respond, he contacted police and firefighters. Neighbors joined them including Carvin Young who thought to take Bell, who plays with the girls every day and knew their scent. Bell was able to lead searchers to the girls.

As Young tells CBS, “Bell sniffed them out. She smelled them, her tail went to wagging and she kept running and running until she got to them. She started jumping up on me and I knew we were close.”

Selfless dog makes nightly trip to fetch food for her family

A dog named Lilica has a special devotion and sense of duty to her family. She provides for her extended family by venturing two miles away each night to pick up food specially prepared for her and the other animals in her family, so that they have food to eat. This smart and loyal dog has been sharing her food with her family every night for three years.

Lilica lives in a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil. She lives on the site with another dog, a cat, chickens and a mule, along with Neile Vania Antonio, who found Lilica abandoned as a puppy and took her in.

Every night the dog makes her way to the home of Professor Lucia Helena de Souza. She travels miles along a busy highway road to meet with Lucia. Lucia, who takes care of 13 stray dogs and 30 cats, has developed a special routine with the dog. Lucia prepares food and puts it in a bag for Lilica and then meets her every night at 9:30 pm. Lilica eats some of the meal and then carries the bag back to the junkyard to feed the other animals.


Nanny Dog rescues abandonned infant

“China’s motherly instincts kicked in when she heard the cries of an abandoned baby. The stray dog in Argentina is being credited for saving the life of a newborn what was abandoned by his 14-year-old mother. So often people think that we humans hold a monopoly on the virtues of loving and caring. But time and again we see that God has given that virtues to many of His creatures. God works His miracles through the most unlikely angels indeed!”   Read more at http://jesus-loves-you.org/?p=2534#pzhH6eRlAAdlCFME.99