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A nanny dog is a type of dog, rather than a specific breed, but all nanny dog breeds are distinguished by a set of three nanny dog traits.

This painting, #989, by Michael Johnson is titled No Digging, and features most of the 'nanny dog' breeds including collies, Bernese mountain, and golden retriever.

This painting, #989, by Michael Johnson is titled No Digging, and features most popular of the nanny dog breeds including collies, Bernese mountain dogs, and golden retrievers.

1. Size

Nanny dogs are large, powerful breeds with low to medium energy level, yet athletic and capable of extraordinary physical feats.

2. Temperament

Nanny dogs are distinguished by possessing an affectionate, gentle, tender, responsive and obedient temperament.

3. Intelligence

Mental acuity and attentiveness have contributed to the nanny dog’s heroic reputation.

Nanny dogs are a wonderful canine choice for families and individuals of all ages who desire a large breed companion or service dog.

The term nanny dog evokes dogs that are safe and gentle protectors of children. But nanny dogs also give aid and rescue to adults. Picture the …

  • St. Bernard with his keg of brandy locating and comforting skiers trapped in an avalanche
  • Newfoundland who jumps in the choppy, frigid water to rescue a person swept off to sea by a wave
  • Curly-coated retriever searching for survivors under the rubble of a building after a natural disaster
  • Golden retriever “seeing-eye” guide dog navigating his owner through busy city streets
  • Bloodhounds tirelessly following the trail of a lost hiker

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